The year was 1983, all was quiet, for just a minute, then, right out of a nightmare it all went down hill really fast. Based on actual events, Able Archer 1983 tells the stories of a near fatal time in history. Simulated war games, a paranoid government and faulty in equipment all created a scenario that nearly ended the human race as we know it.

Adding in a fictional super hero and villain, Max Nova, our hero, comes from the last planet on the edge of destruction by the final supernova in the last galaxy at the end of all known universes. He takes on The Shadows, the self proclaimed omnipotent beings bent on the destruction of all things other than the darkness. The Shadows have been sending agents all over the galaxies for millennia, infiltrating governments, replacing entire races, and starting wars between friends all in the name of the darkness.

Able Archer 1983 is meant to be a soundtrack to this story, someday there will be a graphic book to accompany the music but until then please use your imagination, enjoy the ride, live the fear and then dance at the end of a good day!