From the last planet at the very end of all galaxies just before the last supernova there is born a being who will save the future for all living things. In their last effort to right the wrongs of their past, the Novians, a time traveling alien race, created him to go back and save the universe from this terrible fate. Teaching him all about the histories from Earth to Stasis 5 and every planet with life in between the Novians set out to send him traveling back and forth throughout the centuries and millennia to stop the “Shadows” from setting in motion the events that will lead to the end of all things. Being taught well to allow certain events to unfold as they did so not to tear the fabric of time too much this man will defeat the Shadows and stop them from creating catastrophes that will lead to what the Novians call the “End of Times”.

Max is a curious being, humanoid in shape and size but extremely colorful, neon colors abound his figure. A lover of music he has, across time, learned to play and sing in a way that will help shape the minds of all who are within earshot of the sounds he creates. Using persuasive tones and words as well as some physical and, perhaps, some supernatural strengths Max will subdue those in the universes who’s only goal is the destruction of life. Tragedies and near catastrophes of historical significance have all been caused or manipulated by some secret force and Max will travel throughout time and the galaxies to reveal and destroy whomever or whatever is behind them.

Creating sounds from the soul Max can turn dark to light, sadness to pure joy, misery to pleasure. Join Max on his journeys through time and space, learn some real histories (with a twist) and some futures yet to be and meet some old and new heroes and villains. The Adventures Of Max Nova are sure to be entertaining and if the stories are not enough the music will be the icing on the cake to add an extra element to the graphic tales.

Max Nova is the last hope to change the course of history and stop The Shadows from completing their goal of killing all the light, killing all the stars and leaving the galaxies without a heart and soul.


Max Nova is the brainchild of Blake Carpenter, a singer/songwriter/produce and multi-instrumentalist. Max is Blake’s Ziggy, a character he can climb into now and again to escape the realities of this ever declining world we live in. While Blake’s own music focuses on current events and present life, Max dives into history and into the future for his writing. Stories of fact and fiction interwoven to bring histories to life and futures to the present.